Film Theory: Dad Is Awake d͛̊̏̆͠AD̙͂̓̉̓ iS͌̇̍ Ȧ̳̑̅͑̕Wa͕̋kE̞͐̒͆͐̚ D̪̀̍͋̎Ą̄̄d̕ IŞ͗̌̉̂̋ a͐̚Wa̅Ǩ͊E̪͘

Objavljeno 27. maj. 2021
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Dad is back but he seems...different. Theorists, I think something is wrong. Something sinister. Today we are diving back into the world of Dad - a web series that is more like an experience. What does the future hold for Dad? Let's find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Thomas Torbergsen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Matthew Pathew, it seems you may have stopped eating your FOOD. Well, maybe it’s time you consume some ELEMENT…


  • Nathan Barnatt was in the popular show Community, starring in 1 episode. In that episode, the dean wants to make an updated advertisement as the old one is a bit outdated. Nathan Barnatt is in the old advertisement as a basketball player.

  • Map pack this isn't the real you old friend try drinking diet Pepsi or diet cola diet Coke remember that drink diet coke

  • I just realized the hashtags line up, dad feels weird, am I the only one?

  • Please talk about Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  • My dad is actually asleep rn


  • Nah I’m good matpat, I might as (&/3(&&( obey the server.

  • 2:54 this that springtrap

  • 9:57 ah yes the typical eyebags of a SLcdr ( ;∀;)

  • The neon Genesis evangelion reference has me shook 😂😂

  • Oh hello there

  • 151

  • Evangelion reference

  • this should be a FOOD-theory video

  • He

  • cheryl helps mathphew next

  • Yeah NaThan youre right

  • dad said 11550 in the comments which means Use or Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. pretty cool eh?

  • The next Dad is Dad 420

  • one thing i would like to point out is that some dad photos seem to be in reference to the movie "A Clockwork Orange" where a man commits crimes that seem to be similar to the new dad bot emotions, after getting caught however the man is put in prison and has tests conducted onto him. I still haven't watched the whole movie but I believe its note worthy.

  • Diepat.

  • Omg it is Michael Stevens from vsauce

  • What i think dad hypnotiz mat pat

  • He 69 nice

  • I don't know what is real anymore.

  • Haha. I don’t know what “Food” is but I certainly don’t remember eating it! I’ve never eaten it... right? Right? esir lliw sdad ehT

  • Fun Fact: Keith went on Americas Got Talet to dance and went throught to the next round!

  • Was I the only one laughing at “dadbot 69 is turned on” just me? Just my dirty mind? Okay

  • hmm 15051?....

  • `` One Fifty Five 1 `` Srange dont you think?Also what is `` ELEMENT... ``

  • The guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds lol

  • Scarlet could also be a reference to the Scarlet queen ai from resident evil

  • Noticed the other cube is evengelion

  • 1551

  • WTF, MatPat, Cloak is from Markiplier AND JackSepticEye.

  • 3:52 Wow, I can't believe they got How2Basic on the series

  • How did matpat write like that in the title of the video?

  • 1, Fifty, Five, One? Why does he keep typing numbers? Might it be a code? 🤔

  • for the donkey theory if he is a human why didnt he become one in shreck 2?

  • Kinda remind me of the crane from tmnt

  • mat pat, you scared me in this video, especially since this might be real. (sorry if this is offensive)

  • MatPat: "Talks abour scarlet" Me:

  • Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • This would make a really good movie 😄 it’s such a good story idea

  • MatPat you should absolutely look into where_is_the_sky on tiktok. I know you don't tend to dabble in short videos like that too often; however, it is a real interesting product with lots or lore. Which is definitely your specialty. ;) Anyhow if you see this would make an excellent Film Theory Episode?!

  • Dad said 155 in the comments Just thought i would say that

  • Side note and possibly completely coincidental and unrelated but Kyle Hill’s advanced lab complete with advanced AI is also called “the facility”

  • Hey, MatPat! You need to do a video over on Food Theory about FOOD! What is FOOD? What ingredients could be included into it that allowed it to suppress Andan's memories and make him susceptible to Cheryl's control? How were its effects ended by eating normal food (or could it specifically be pancakes that counteracted it)? I'd really like to see you do a deep dive into FOOD and reveal all of its secrets.

  • :))))))

  • Next thing we know is Wife/Cheryl's favorite color is purple


  • Cheryl's daughter was called Lucia, Scarlett Johansson starred in Lucy. Scarlett is Lucia.

  • In the beginning he sounds like bill from a show

  • never would I have imagined that matpat would mention neon genesis evangelion in his video...

  • what I think that he is trying to take over youtube

  • nice intro

  • Matpat Cloak is jacksepticeye's and markiplier's merch company, and Sean did upload anything since three weeks So I think Sean is the one dying not mark

  • At 11:56 (might wanna go back a little bit more to stop) there is a flashing light and it has a message. The message is as follows: “To anyone who can see this I need your help, but tell no one. Matpat continues to try to pay us in cans of food and floods us with assignments to “obey the server.” Please if you see this I need you to ERROR 53415645544845454449544f5253: Render failed” Idk what that error code means, but if anyone has any information please let me know in the comments! I just wanted to share what I saw! :)

  • Obey the sever? Obey the server!!

  • Hi

  • I know it's been a month but give me part 3

  • Thanks matpatt for proving you dont care about your fans ppl unsubscribe he promotes stuff that screw u over dont listen to him go somewhere else

  • Has anyone ever suggested Mr. Freeman for an episode? I think Matt would be interested

  • cant wait for dadbot 69420

  • Hélłõ mátpåt ìs mê

  • Dabot 69 nice


  • *1551* What are u saying, dude

  • YOUR NEXT MATPAT at x2 speed has a secret medage

  • Lol my dad is awake it’s morning

  • Coralline ?? 😟

  • d a d

  • 8:16 Logan Paul makes a cameo when talking about a lack of brain power & emotions. The funny thing is Logan got accepted into university for Industrial Engineering but left because he saw vine as a bigger opportunity.

  • Don’t eat the FOOD do not obey the server

  • 1:53 is it me or Mat look like Tom Cruise on this picture XD

  • this video is cool

  • 1-5-50-1 Code from dad

  • we need a theory of game theory lol

  • 7:00

  • Cheryl is like a human mother Miranda 😩

  • So that code from Dad comment it might be a time stamp related to the Dad - Act 3 (Complete) video where at 15:50 it shows the Server

  • How many times is dad gonna count in the coments?

  • anyone else notice 11:56 Im pretty sure someone should try to decode it.


  • Bro this is where dad's go! They don't get milk they get replaced

  • That “monster” at 5:37 is the monster that appeared in one of the events of the game honkai impact


  • Matt, you should delve into McJuggerNuggets… Absolutely mindblowing how complex and intricate and deep it gets. Looks like just one dumb, kinda arrogant character on the surface, but the more you watch and the more you find the connected channels the more crazy it gets. Sometimes you forget you’re watching fictional videos… or are you

  • Dad said “1, 50, 5”. MAKE. A. THEORY. NOW

  • dad bot 69 n i c e

  • Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

  • Mat look out Dad is coming for you

  • Is Dad on this video speling a code or a number? idk

  • I love seeing the Evangelion appreciation

  • Dad's awake Anger beats loud Face reality

  • Dad bot 69, nice

  • 0:14 Mathew eats food asmr?

  • Plz do a theory on slugterra I know it's sounds stupid but thd show is so good