Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)

Objavljeno 1. apr. 2021
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Last time I talked about the Lion King, we were seeing just how big the body count was for this beloved Disney movie and sayong Scar was the rightful king. WEll, we are leaning into that even HARDER this time! Today, I want to talk about the sibling rivalry to end all sibling rivalries - Scar and Mufasa. Theorists, lions are a very, VERY interesting animal. I think that Scar ATE Mufasa after the stampede. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • this video is deep, like deeper than the oceans deepness

  • Ok ok ok i admit it "Film Theory" is the best and I'm officially a you tuber now😹😹👊🏾🔥 I'm loving this

  • You should do a theory on the ending of bojack horseman

  • I have to admit the last bit about the world going out of balance when Mufasa does I kinda got lost there...

  • Dude when I first saw the Lion King movie I immediately realized that the skull Scar was holding was a primates skull.. I means it’s just so obvious lol

  • Tik tok did it, tik tok already did it😂😂😂

  • 0:15 When TikTok creates the theory for MatPat

  • As soon as you said January I was so surprised my birthday is Martin Luther King‘s birthday it is January 15

  • My dad once told me that a mother lion and her around adult aged daughter both killed *and ate* the around adult aged son. sooo..... haha

  • Lion king 1 1/2 bruh lol


  • Bruh, who said that THAT was Mufasa's skull? He couldve killed anyone.

  • that skull is a baboon skull, poor cousin of rafiki

  • this is a lot of sence lions would probly do that in the wiled

  • Watch lion guard from lion king

  • Those wild life documentarians are actually South African I believe. So not British, South African accent. Good vid btw.

  • Dude spoiler!

  • Bravo man 👏

  • If mufasa's dead body disappearance isnt solved.... Lets just say the people behind the camera took it or the animators erased the layer of mufasa's body away 😂

  • Living in South Africa and being privileged to go on safari a lot, I went to a lot of museums where they have animal skulls displayed. So knowing about animal skulls, I can definitely say that is not a lion skull, it's a baboon skull. Thanks for doing such fantastic research, Matpat

  • The welcome home cake from coralline has a double loop on the O according to graphology a double means there lying but what did the cake mean ? Please make a video about it 🥺🥺🥺😓

  • wait if that is a baboon skull ok my theory if I remember correctly in the lion king tv-series Rafiki had an apprentice right what if that her skull that's dark

  • Adult me: Loved this film Child me: *cries*

  • mmm monke

  • good job nice theory

  • You should try a theory about omega mart! It’s a video series here on SLcd by meow wolf, and it’s pretty surreal - it could make a cool video!

  • no maypat may pat idiot

  • the cartoon skull dont have pointy teath at the bottom

  • Hyenas are like Tiger Sharks because everything is on the menu for them.

  • That's how SLcdrs bust tictok

  • Nah I thought that Scar ate him ever since I was five but the funny thing is I either thought that it was a lion or a baboon skull so this theory is just common knowledge to me at this point.

  • 0:00: He was using an ISUS computer then in 0:01: Then he is now using a Samsung computer

  • Somebody did this before you know

  • Cannibal Lion...

  • I never believe anything on TikTok

  • Rip Rafiki's relative

  • The whole video I was saying baboon and as soon as I herd “like a baboon” I swear my IQ skyrocketed. I did a big brain

  • Lwiay intro

  • Did Matpat just disrespect Lion King 1 1/2 like that🥲

  • You’re mom

  • Can you do a theory on beast wars. I know it's not a film but still would like to know a little more about techoganics and why cybertron went with dna scaners.

    • What does that have to do with beast wars?

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  • This theory was bottom of the barrel, Matt. Really good stuff!

  • Eaten him

  • I kept think monkey and yelling monkey tbh because the nose/mouth/skull is long soo my mind went “MONKEY”

  • I don’t understand how MatPat just wakes up one day then just say: “I’m going to make a theory about kids movies!” “And it definitely would be about *MURDER*” Like how?

  • TikTok = False

  • Can we get a Film Theory about Herbie The Love Bug? How is he alive? According to the 1997 he was built from some kind of super metal created by a germain engineer! How does that work!?!

  • tldr simba ate him

  • Theory: The “ Mystery Grave “ in FNAF is actually crying child’s grave. I mean, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

  • Hey Mat, thats a South African accent there by 7:30

  • I'd love to see you cover the theory that Willy Wonka is George Weasley

  • Nowadays when I watch the lion king I see the Disney version of warrior cats

  • Voldemort is a coconut. I have good reasons why and no. I'm not drunk.

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  • should be on food theory

  • 4:14 big floofy cat

  • Tbf, in this case, mufasa would’ve been unconscious, which makes eating him much easier than usual

  • he just eat by scar find on google!

  • Mat Pat's monitor says Asus at the back and Samsung at front. Me: "WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL!"

  • At this point we have to. Mind our business

  • Uhm FYI, hyenas can eat a lion

  • Imagine tiktokers being smart for once.

  • Remember to keep praying and repenting and giving your life to God and help the poor if you can I wove you🙏✝️💯❤

  • guys..... Now me and others on tiktok are now wondering... WTF IS GOOFY!! WE ALL KNEW HIM AS A DOG BUT NOW THERE ARE PEOPLE SAYING HE'S A COW.. A COW! I NEED ANSWERS I know this comment will have a low chance of getting attention but plz Mat. Tell us... WHAT IS GOOFY😱😭

  • I like the detail that in the beginning the google page says hyenas do eat lions

  • You should do descendants mals possible siblings and her family tree

  • Matpat asserting his dominance by debunking half-assed tiktok theories.

  • As an artist, I've studied teeth. I noticed the difference immediately. Also I thought they'd just buried him.

  • When did film theory become mythbusters?

  • Here because of Bob Chipman! Dudes got a great brain for this sort of stuff and combining him with MatPat’s charisma works great for this stuff

  • It’s lion Hamlet!!!

    • @eioshen boboi So much so I am certain that the image from the thumbnail is a reference to the Hamlet monologue “alas poor Yorick”.

    • Agreed, but the plot of the lion king is basically Hamlet with lions.

    • bruh that looks more like a primate skull

  • "MatPat Is King" Is There Because Thats A Fact!

  • I feel like he forgot that something's can decompose including bones and skin

  • Plus the lions eyes are on the side while the skull scar was forward like a primate

  • Lol mattpat said scarb gobbled his brother

  • Lets not forget that the canyon Mufasa dies in is never seen again after that scene

  • My childhood is dead

  • Crazy when you realize Disney stole the idea

  • Vampire rain deer

  • Whoopi Goldberg totally ate that lion hahaha!! But seriously I’m with Matt Pat, no cannibalism 👎

  • It’s actually move fast is king

  • This thepry proves that tik tok is wrong

  • I payed more attention to this video than my teacher talking about carnivores.



  • bruh that looks more like a primate skull

  • I ate mufasa

  • If matpat ruins twilight and find some weird theory about it. I’m starting an army for all twilight fans 🧛🧛‍♀️ Who’s with me.

  • Yeah I understand you theory.But look dude,it is a lion cartoon related to anime that was made in 1994,where there was little knowledge about animals.What would you expect??

  • his death was funny

  • I guess get dunked on tik tok

  • All your vids are great man all your channels are awesome keep up the great work :)


  • 😍😍😘😘👍🏻😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • this might be true...

  • Scar: i am cannibal Me: ok great now call simba Scar: what

  • Lion king is just Kimba the Lion mixed with hamlet.

  • I wonder how many people went to tiktok and cause a argument... not a friendly one, but like two angry kids fighting over a toy/ opposite gender.

  • I knew from the start that the skull was from a baboon, rather than a lion. The skulls difference is determined by the eyes. Mufasa has a wider and larger skull than the one Scar is holding. Hyenas and other scavengers probably scavenged on the left over remains that hadn’t already decomposed. That’s my debunking.