Film Theory: Predicting Loki's Final TWIST! (Marvel Loki)

Objavljeno 13. jul. 2021
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Theorist, we are reaching the end of season one of the Loki Disney+ series. Before it ends, I have one more BIG prediction and I think I may have figured it all out. We all have been thinking that the series is building up to some reveal of Kang the Conqueror. The big question is WHO will it be? I think the answer has been in front of our noses all along... and I don't mean Agatha.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Lol

  • Did he even watch the new episode well I guess it's just a thory. A film thory

  • Not your best job but not your best mat much love man

  • Naah it was just random dude

  • D:

  • Oops. Sort of but... Nope.

  • He You're wrong Matt Pat loser

  • to be fair… he might not be wrong. she’s not kang but she’s still probably going to be quite similar to how he’s claiming for her to be

  • Weell they did kiss

  • can i have your doge coin now?

  • whiff lol. see ya for season 2

  • I would also say the TVA has similarities to the umbrella academy as well

  • For all the people saying that this theory is instantly debunked because Kang shows up in ep. 6, it's not. Remember the Kang we see in the final episode WANTED someone to carry on his work, and considering that Rahvonna left to go and find him and truly believes that he's doing what's best for the universe this is still possible. Who's to say that season 2 won't be about Rahvonna taking up the mantle that Kang left behind and trying to re-establish the sacred timeline? I'm not saying this 100% fact, but I am saying that it's still a possibility.

  • Just wrong about the gender swap

  • He is right about it being Kang the Conquerer

  • I wonder how it feels naking two theories and both of them being descarted by an episode of the same show

  • This theory aged like fine milk

  • LOL

  • 0:31 me, remembering I can’t watch any Doctor Who because I don’t live in the UK and I don’t know where to stream it outside of the UK Sad Sweden noise

  • Confused about this since we know who is playing Kang in Quantumania

  • 🙌

  • MatPat, how about you do a Futurama video. in my opinion I want to see how many timelines there are. There are so many times we see the crew dying in different places btu which timeline is the true one? If you don't make one then I will make myself one from blackjack, and hookers.

  • Makes an entire theory about how kang won’t be in the finaly. And then he ends up being in most of it and ravona is a high school teacher.

  • Gendered swapped characters in Marvel is nothing new or interesting.

  • Well yes, but actually no

  • LoL

  • I like that you did the Kang from MCOC

  • Reasoning is Ultron: killed by vision, Thanos: snapped to dust by iron man, Kang: hasn’t appeared

  • And I play lego marvel superheroes 2, so yeah I noticed roavonna from the start

  • Yep Kang was my theory of the new villain LITTERALY BEFORE WANDAVISION

  • Hey, give me your doge coins. You bet all of them.

  • I wonder if Ravonna is a Kang Variant

  • The thought occurred to me that Ravonna may be one of the Kang variants, though it's unclear if she knows it or not

  • I think this theory still works but rammona will not be revealed be kang but a sorta of a disciple of kang cause remember before she left she gotten some files from the one who remains and then teleported in another universe..

  • He was right AND wrong. How's THAT for a theory panning out weird

  • Cool theory, but id lowkey be let down if Ravonna was Kang. Is this some feminist bullshit? If so, whyyyyyy smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • She's not kang but why shouldn't she be

  • What the heck? That was what I thought! this show seemed like rick and morty plus the good place! except I don't recognize that third show.

    • Doctor who boi

  • He isn't right, but he could be in the future. While Kang is Jonathan Majors, I think Matt's theory about Ravonna fixing everything now that she's seen and survived the end of time may very well come true. So he's wrong... for now

  • Wrong

  • That one didn’t age so well

  • i dunno

  • well he who remains might be kang

  • oof its wrong

  • Nope you wrong

  • Johnathan Majors was already confirmed to be Kang… so you think this is a misdirect? My bet is Revonna is actually Kang’s mother. And he who remains set his iron lad self into motion through Miss Minutes giving Revonna the information.

  • We need season 2

  • You were right about kang

  • You forgot that Jonathan Majors was already cast as Kang

    • Bro he said that in the vid what is he talking about 😅

  • Matt just lost all of his dogecoin

  • Thanos : I am the strongest being in this universe!! Kang: hold my universes

  • Ooooof

  • guess the obvious answer was actually the right answer

  • I mean yes but no...

  • I mean, no

  • I give him no credit for this

  • I feel bad how this didn't fully plan out and that the series ending on a cliff hanger so maybe

  • She's a variant of Kang, and that's what He Who Remains showed her instead of the creation of the TVA

    • Your theory was very sound but I am glad that it was wrong she feels more powerful as the second-in-command

  • This man never ceases to break my brain

  • haha, well, there's always season 2...

  • I actually thought the judge was going to be his daughter. I still think that's going to be the case in the next season.

  • "Only comics comics fans are gonna be alluded to the name khang" Lego marvel superheroes fans: *sad lego noises*

  • I love how binging with babish is one of the "algorithm" keepers

  • Better than the reality, at least for now.

  • I'm watching this video after episode 6 and its kinda funny.

  • Petition for Matthew Patthew to make a fanfic

  • I want to see a fabric from you

  • you got it wrong :(

  • Well you were wrong my friend

  • my immediate impression of that house was 'x-men manner' so while I love film theory, I hope this one is wrong... this time

  • Your theory was very sound but I am glad that it was wrong she feels more powerful as the second-in-command

  • Film theory can’t even make perfect theory’s on marvel films because they like to trick their Audience

  • Don't forget S02

  • Who’s watching this after seeing the last episode?

  • I certainly thought He Who Remains had a similar character trope to Rick Sanchez

  • Silent hill game theory plz

  • Hey mattpat remember the 'anti' depression thing was called NEXUS :0

  • Theory: The One Who Remains is a variant of Kang.... It All make sense No?

  • WAIT! Idea: what if later in S.2. we see that Ravona was really just another Kang and the one that died is the one who remains from his timeline and she is the one who remains from hers. Confusing, but could be true.

  • Bro, no disrepect but you're losing your touch

  • At the end of the episode when we see the statue at the tva it was kang's statue not he who remains cause statue we saw was wearing kang's costume from comics not he who remains So the tva at the end was ruled by kang not he who remains

  • Is this the fastest a theory has been disproved? I genuinely wanna know. 'Cause regardless it can't feel good.

  • There not accurate at all.

  • You mean false predictions.

  • “It’s wasn’t agatha all along”

  • Congrats on 10 mil mat pat

    • eyy congratz 10 millll woooo

  • I like Matt Pat but his comic book theories are always way off. Lol

  • haha oof

  • Wrong!

  • Can you please do an episode on the new Disney + series M.O.D.O.K

  • Hand over your dogecoins mate (Nice theory btw)

  • You gambled and you losed

  • The second of kang is correct but it's a bit different

  • oof

  • Is this the fastest a theory has been disproved? I genuinely wanna know. 'Cause regardless it can't feel good.

  • just missed it

  • I really should've watched this before watching the finale..

  • WAIT I NEED HELP! So is the He Who Remains (and all his variants) Kang the Conqueror? Or wait is he a variant of Kang? Is Kang a variant of him? Is this who He Who Remains meant when referring to his more dangerous selves? Am I a variant of Kang? Could you prove or disprove that? Who am I? Does time exist? If the space time continuum is the fabric of reality then how would a multiverse work with that? …

  • eyy congratz 10 millll woooo

  • I just thought of this random thing: Thanos is (or was) Omnipotent and Kang is Almost Omnipresent (time travel go brrrrrrrrrrrr) so now we just need a Omniscient villain to form a trio with the 3 qualities of god: Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient

  • I think the Kang statues kinda debunk this theory but hey it might just be Ravonna in a kind of costume that just makes the wearer look like a more masculine, buff figure regardless of their gender