Film Theory: Was Cruella ACTUALLY Wrong? (101 Dalmatians)

Objavljeno 22. maj. 2021
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Theorists, maybe Cruella had the right idea. Wait, no! I'm not talking about making coats out of cute, defenseless puppies. I meant that they cost a LOT of money. She tells Roger and Anita that they simply can't afford to keeps them all, so they should sell them to her. Well, THAT is a bad idea but maybe she was onto something. Raising and providing for three humans PLUS 101 Dalmatians must cost a LOT of money. How much? Time for us to to get out our calculators and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • You know that Cruela's other mother died because of the dalmatians right?

  • Clickbait is for people who don't have confidence in the quality of their content. What was wrong with "How much would it cost to keep 101 dalmatians?" The video isn't about Cruella really.

  • "Google is your Friend" - *some theorist*

  • 7:20 The other day my class was watching Wall E and I told the all the people on the ship were canibals :)

  • Yeah

  • This sounds like Mr Beast raising a “few” dogs

  • matpat: explaining how it would cost million to keep all 101 dalmatians puppies 101 dalmatians street: it almost to easy

  • They can sell the puppies and because the are high grade you can get a lot of money

  • Why would you need 101 brushes and nail clippers?


  • You think wearing your dog is messed up I eat the skin of your children.

  • Lort I always use to want them after seeing that movie I now have my own dog and I'm laughing like he's right

  • And yes, taking care of a dog is pretty expensive.

  • I was gonna say to make a theory on these 2 thing but you've beat me I seen it literally 2 hours ago and I was wondering if they were connected or not


  • Mat pac: hey can you think of a theory for cruella: Film theory: no lets still it for after hours

  • Why don't you get all the dogs trained to poop in a corner of the property

  • Interesting theory but he makes no mention on the cost due to licensing to sell the puppies as in the UK breeders need to register with their local council and pay to receive a licence also having regular checks by welfare officers for the welfare of the animals due to the animal welfare act of 2006 which the breeder must partially fund. With the high pedigree of the dogs the fees will be higher. Just thought I'd mention it as I found the cost of selling animals interesting.

  • Hi mat pat can you make this film theory:what is the lore of true and the rainbow kingdom pleas do this theory :’

  • 101 Reasons Why

  • I’ll steal you’re theories for you :D

  • The person who made the 101 Dalmatians made a book called 101 dresses

  • Wow I have two boxers and a dachshund and that’s not even close to the cost of all three of them

    • And I thought that was costing a lot

  • am I the only one who laughed when glenn said''woof''woof?'' 😄😂

  • Ahh its good to be back here ion youtube

  • Cruella is very WRONG!!!


  • i have never watch this movie

  • please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

  • 10:12 "$85 x 101 = ?" Don't tell me i know this one, $8585 right? MathPat: "at least 8,561" huh i must have.. forgot to.. uh.. carry the.. um... Negative 24, yup

  • she should have just used a Holstein dairy cow. she could have made like two from one cow. and probably paid the farmers an actual fair price for the cows and she could have made money by selling meat however there wouldn't be much.

  • um recently I watched a Disney movie called raya and the last dragon click the movie for more info I also really want matt to theorise on this movie.

  • but matpat!!! what if they buy in bulk!! which they would have to....and theres discounts for bulk buys

  • How could they poo more each day (40kg) than they eat (35kg)?

  • How could they poo more each day (40kg) than they eat (35kg)?

  • 15:05 *I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad I'm not down bad*

  • 250 k is not a lot if we all be honest. Because a lot of americans spend this much a year very easily.

  • why doesn't she just buy the spotted coat at a clothe story?!

  • Lol I just saw "cRuElla"

  • Well a few things to consider about this. You can buy non-commercial bulk food and supplies like shelters get. As a Rescue/sanctuary they are probably qualified for government loans and assistance and tax write offs and they can probably triple dip into charity to help run the place. Plus if they are running a plantation and can screen and sell the famous pure-bred pups yeah, they could turn a profit off the dalmatians and run a sanctuary/rescue/farm easy with little fuss or muss. They would also probably hire their own vet crew for health and wellness rather than use a local one, and with it being a rescue they could probably get volunteers over employees as charity works look good on the resume.

  • Please make a video about Raya!! I have so many question! Why doesn’t everyone turn to stone in the 🤲 position? Why do the tribes think the gem brings prosperity before the Druns came back? (There’s no proof it has that power, only dragon energy which repels druns) does Sisu being a water dragon have to do with why Druns are repelled by water? I have so many more but yeah

  • The queen of England could never.😄🤚🏾

  • Why is this a Disney film that is a very dark subject of animal abuse

  • Anita and her husband watch this:.... Hey boss I need a raise

  • No I will not let u ruined that movie for me!!!!

  • but is there such a big market for pure bread Dalmatians

  • \Quality

  • 4th channel should be Conspiracy Theory

  • NoTiCe ThE SiGhNs MaTpAt I aM CoMiNg heheheheheheheh

  • Thanks again Matpat for finding out the costs and gains of a fictional situation, and finding out if Cruella was a spin-off or not because I couldn’t tell after the movie

  • In the post epilogue they sell their Dalmatians to Cruella, (keeping only the two adults and one puppy). Turns out Cruella wasn't actually such a bad guy afterall

  • I'm not sure that if you give dogs 35kg of food they will all generate 40kg of poop

  • Ok ... I landed here because I let this theory pass but not gonna let pass the cruela movie... A lot to see an dissect there... Still waiting for mat pat ripping something on the house of mouse because of it... Throwing an idea is really necessary to explain the origin of evil?

  • ... dog 💩 poo is not going to work as fertilizer because is not made of organic food ... The process food that most dogs eat won't produce any that can help you grow ... Any. Because has no nutrients.

  • It's funny as a kid your happy that all the puppies were adopted but as an adult you realize there's no way some could afford to take care of all those dogs.

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  • Cheese day 50 Cheese

  • consider this: Anita was a gossip article writer, and thus helped make Cruella the "villain" of the baroness. Taking this into account, it puts 101 dalmatians into perspective. Especially when Cruella says herself "Everyone needs a villain." Cruella has a good morality within her, and shows to only take down those that are actually cruel in the new movie. So the question now that I have is, was it Cruella's idea to, much like her original debut, fabricate a bad guy persona to boost the dalmatian plantation's donations and/or sales? She certainly knew how to fabricate a compelling enough story to jump her fashion career from literally nothing to being the top contender for the nation's number one fashion designer.

  • Oh Boy 9:55

  • There's also the ethical dilemma of selling sentient and human level intelligent species. I mean yeah, they're dogs but they're very smart and seemingly understand and communicate quite well with literally every other animal besides humans. This is sorta technically... slavery

  • sss

  • Just saying, cruella is just a female version of rainbow ngl. Your welcome.

  • Mr. beast should do this

  • You should watch the new cruella (it’s pretty good I saw it

  • 200#

  • I think the biggest mistake in this video is assuming arbitrarily that killing dogs is somehow automatically immoral. "Selling your soul" to turn a hundred dogs into a handful of coats? The only moral issue is the whole part where Cruella would be stealing the dogs, it's no more problematic than the various cows and other animals bred and slaughtered for meat, leather, and other products.

  • "Cruella was evil, they should have started a puppy farm instead" LOL

  • Yes she was 100 percent wrong

  • Hey Mattpat, i can cut this short, they can just sell the puppies to other owners

  • Even if they can have puppies at 6 months that does not mean they can get pedigrees from a female that young. There are age rules Even in the AKC. FCI are Even better whit their rules. In nkk its max 5 litters per female, female must be over 18 months and younger than 9 years. Must be health checked and if you have 2 litters on the same female that female needs a minimum 12 months before her nexst litter. Etichal breeding and back yard breeding are totally different :)

    • WHERE DO I WATCH THAT MOVIE THAT WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VID?!?! I’ve NEVER seen that one and I’m shocked 😱

  • We think that Cruella is the worst for killing dogs to make clothes, but no one seems to think twice about killing billions of animals, who are just like dogs, for the pleasure of eating their flesh? What is going on?

  • Look at the new movie cruella on fisney plus theres much more information about this

  • Whoa! Thanks for doing a video about my question! Sempai noticed me! Lol

  • Weird that matpat sees dogs more as cattle than as children

  • “was cruella actually wrong” No way. Killing dogs and using their skins to make fur coats is absolutely alright.

  • Wait. There was a live action version of this movie?

  • I think it would be cool if you made a theory about 2.2 when on your game theory channel. This would be tough. (Geometry dash)

  • The Dalmatians should act like Minions and take care of themself.

    • "Cruella was evil, they should have started a puppy farm instead" LOL

  • Wait.... for ONLY $5 million you can get a huge estate like that in England? In Vancouver just a nice house will cost you that.

  • De vil more like devil

  • I think you forgot the dogs are related

  • And on top of the dogs they need to buy supplies for yourselves and there baby which also would cost a large sum of money. my solution is to sell some dogs to curella or put up a dog sale along with the supplies you could make some money i assume

  • I've already destroyed my friends lives by explaining how Cheetos are practically animal feed so I am down to tell them this.


  • You should do a movie about the new cruella movie

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  • 7:45 Objection, your Honor. You state "most veterinarians agree..." about drinking untreated water, but if that were really true, then how is it every wild animal survives? They don't have treated water. We have had dogs all our lives, and anytime we take them to the lake or on a hike, they drink the lake water, drink from streams, and have never suffered any ill effects.

  • Fur sucks “pity!” Puppys furs good “REDEMPTION!”

  • you forgot about heartworm medicine, and annual wormer needed for outdoor only dogs. And it is not recommended to breed dogs before they are 3 years old, and they should have no more than 3 litters in their lifetime. What you are suggesting is a puppy mill, and those are illegal in most countries/states England to be the first to outlaw them.

  • Oh Boy #955

  • Oh. boy 955

  • I might have a huge bias towards Emma stone, but cruella was actually pretty good.

  • "Cruella was evil, they should have started a puppy farm instead" LOL

  • Mat pat please laes to me can you do a theory of Elsa agn

  • doesn't Nord always have a two year deal?

  • I saw the new Cruella movie and why did they spend all this time making love her when they’re just gonna antagonize her 😤

  • The true trouble of keeping 101 Dalmatians is remembering all of the names.

    • I've always wanted a dalmatian but nah NVM 🤧🤧

  • Plz do a theory on the total drama show budget its constantly mentioned in all the seasons i know you can do it matpat

  • I don't know if this is an option anywhere else... but I work for a training company with a minimum of 20 dogs every day. That makes for a lot of 💩. There's a company (I think its free??) Called Poop Patrol, who come pick up the poop from our property once a week so you don't have to worry about it!