Film Theory: Why Godzilla WINS! (Godzilla vs Kong 2021)

Objavljeno 9. mar. 2021
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The King of Monsters is back and this time he is not alone! The trailers for Godzilla vs Kong look epic and it meant I had to take a swing at the BIG question - who will WIN? Well Theorists, it's actually pretty simple. So instead of hedging my bets, I'm going to come out and say it. Godzilla will WIN and King King will... well the answer is not that simple. You will just have to watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I want to see Zilla and Shin Godzilla AFTER Godzilla vs Kong 2021

  • Thumbnail: why godzila wins Godzilla: said to be king of monsters, absorbed nuclear radiation, lots tried to eliminate but has failed, has a beam that can melt anything in its way, and lastly giant monster Kong: monkeh with axe

  • Simple, Godzilla’s mouth is a deadly lazer Speeky back Yes Yes he willl

  • Comic rules of most popular wins aside, if they're the same size, Kong wins 9/10 times. Imagine you versus a fire breathing gator or an ape. Which one you have more of a chance with? I have to give the movie credit for the detail of why he lost though. 1. He's never fought intelligent creatures so has practically no combat experience as shown a LOT during the fights and 2.. hes out of shape. Very. Very, out of shape. And maybe malnourished? Idk what humans are feeding him but he's depresso so probably not a big appetite. BUT on normal circumstances, same size, Kong wins. But that's just a theory. A common sense theory.

  • “But devils live underneath” “Who are they” “Skullcrawlers” “Why are they called that” “Because it sounds neat” I don’t know why but that scene is hilarious to me

  • Do you like godzilla matt

  • How about a game theory about Dutch and Micah being lovers

  • A King vs a God

  • turns out ur theory is wrong HAH i was right

  • So mecha Godzilla was in the movie but he was wrong about how he came


  • Godzilla : Has Supernatural power , Big , Strong , Defeated Lots of Titans. Kong : Simps for girl.

  • We already knew who was the winner. In the opening 10 minutes it shows the Titans that Godzilla Defeated and it's all kaiju monsters excluding Kong. And when it turns to Kong it only shows skullcrawler.

  • SPOILER ALERT FOR THE MOVIE: After watching the movie, there was no winner but it was clear godzilla was superior to kong so this theory is pretty accurate & correct in my opinion.

  • I like how this was made a couple weeks ago and it was freaking spot on what happened

  • Reged monkey impras lizad

  • He ripet the thing on on Godzilla back

  • Just watch gvk and Godzilla beat Kong so sorry Matt but your theory is wrong

  • Matt you were right scarily so good job man

  • True

  • Now what xmen vs marvel?

  • See I don't need any nerd to know that a monke will lose against a lazer beam breathing giant lizard

    • Kong is a simp. Plus If Godzilla used his Thermonuclear energy. Kong will turn into dust

  • how did he guess that mechagodzilla being the third party faction correct?

  • It’s kinda creepy that MatPat completely predicted the movie…..

  • In skull inland the one dude did say Kong wasn't done growing. So maybe he grow since the last anyone they saw him

  • I like you ruining my faviourite tv shows

  • Godzilla beat Kong easily your the worst person in the world everyone unsubscribe

  • Kong got folded idc debate me

  • Honestly… you were pretty accurate


  • Dude you're Akinator in human form but guessing movie plots! This is almost exactly what happened even the Mechagodzilla part was correct!

  • but still

  • or nto 100 persent right

  • you was actualy right

  • Completely accurate

  • OMG he predicted MECHAGODZILLA

  • Godzilla just wins🤬🤬🤬🤬stupid

  • Godzilla won and godzilla battled mecha godzilla

  • This is Wrong

  • Fact: blue whale is heavier than kong

  • Godzilla did win 2-0

  • Who else is here when Godzilla won

  • Who will win Big Monke or Giant Birb

  • 7:40 i think he said 'unconquerable'-

  • Godzilla vs Kong , Godzilla wins but Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla vs Kong ,Kong wins

  • technically godzilla won. kong wouldve died twice if not for human intervention.

  • This is why I don't watch these theories before the movies. You got like 75% of the plot right xD It's basically spoiler at this point lol

  • My dude literally died of irony....

  • Godzilla would actually win

  • Godzilla

  • You got it wrong, King Kong will win the battle on behalf of mankind.

  • Without kong Godzilla’s asssssess would be dead kong saved him

  • What’s funny is that kong literally would have died without the flying ship shocking his heart to keep beating

  • Spoilers for Godzilla vs Kong: Godzilla and Kong hate each other.

  • Yet Godzilla wins and established dominance on Kong. And then they team up to fight Mecha-Godzilla... what? You clicked on this video, you basically WANTED SPOILERS at this point.


  • He’s actually right none of them losers

  • 😇🥺😩😢😭

  • 3:46 among us :O

  • Godzilla and kong won they won

  • monke

  • GOJIRA is the same but he got the mecha GOJIRA part right

  • Godzilla's other name is gojira

  • Dumadydumdumdumdumy

  • Excuse me did you just say everyone likes. Minecraft

  • I think is not fair. Kong don't back up in any moment. He show us the true spirit of a warrior. I didn't like Godzilla in this movie. Or I think I never didn't🤔

  • Bruh why was he so accurate

  • Man this is out and you got it all right……. Nice job

  • King kong are too young while Godzilla maintain his size

  • When you use the wrong formula to get the right answer

  • Zilla vs Bob

  • but i saw godzilla in king of the monsters I AM SO CONFUSED

  • I’m pretty sure it was “unconquerable” not “uncomfortable”

  • I watched it a month ago and u got it spot on like u were 100% right

  • The winner will be any bot that can handle almost 200k ton monsters fighting on the deck Me: yesssss

  • HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!

    • I bet you read the title and didn’t watch the video

  • Funny thing is they both teamed up and defeat mechangodzilla


  • So close

  • Wait… are you SURE you didn’t watch a leaked version of the Godzilla vs. Kong before making this?

  • Handwavium!

  • I searched up godzilla vs kong on google but then something caught my eye. (It was in the people also ask section) The question was “Can hulk defeat godzilla?” I know many people will want the answer to this. Google’s answer is right, but it doesnt say HOW. If this comment gets to 2k likes, I will type and reveal how _ _ _ _ defeats _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

  • It wasn't "uncomfortable" it was "unconquerable"

  • dude, that building in the first minute is lego

  • I agreed up until he said the Kongs won the war back then! I believe Zilla won... and the Kongs were banished from their Homeland! Bc thats where the big "war" took place...Skull island doesnt seem like a paradise to me! I believe they were working in harmony until the Kongs got too bigheaded!

  • Good head

  • Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  • Æ+]

  • Now godzilla is 164000 ton

  • like hes rigth they are teaming up agenst meca godzilla

  • who is watching this after the movie

  • well there is a another Godzilla but like a robot Giant and it's name is mechagodzilla

  • At 4:12, did u just make that nonsense up saying weight is a function of volume? Weight is force at which earth pulls u. Who told u this nonsense

  • Godzilla Vs kong? more like "air craft carrier vs 2 giant monsters)

  • He was half way there with the mecha Godzilla But Godzilla won the fight but chose to spear kong and they fought mecha Godzilla after

  • Godzilla fans: scientific answer Me: he is the main character he’s gonna win

    • He is the villain in this movie. But I think Kong could winn if he have the following boots: THE SIMIAN FLU an the Help of Caesar and his pals but at it size. Stand together.

  • 0:47 King Kong : just gonna shove a plant down his throat and my work is done

  • 4:43 Then he sees king Ghidorah

  • Still they are a team


    • Oh yeah like there no chance a ancient lizard that can breath radiation and has a tail that can whoop a concrete building and make it shatter to billions of pieces can beat a giant monkey which has a cool name XD (I don't mean any hate to you im just saying)

    • Nope, rather have a radiation lizard god who doesn’t have a life span protect everyone rather then a monkey