Film Theory: You Are Breathing POISON! (Phineas and Ferb)

Objavljeno 25. feb. 2021
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It's been a while since we talked Phineas \u0026 Ferb, so I knew I needed to check in to see if there were any new theories being concocted in that backyard. It turns out, there totally IS! Today Theories, we are talking about the killer plant from SPAC! In the 'Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe' we come up against an alien species that needs something from earth. Theorists, that is just the set up to a KILLER theory!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • What happened to the doctor doof theory? Did I miss it somewhere? This video was three months ago. I get that sometimes ideas don't pan out but I would love a mini theory. :)

  • I did

  • I learned more about plants in this episode of game theory than I ever remember learning in school and that's a little bit sad that this 10 minute video made plants cool when 12 years of school couldn't

  • Real theory: The creators didnt know the fact bout CO2

  • 1:45 Where are they! WHERE ARE THEY!!!

  • It’s PERRY, Perry the PLATYPUS!!!!

  • it came out like years ago

  • You know what? that dr. Doof must be terrified of getting sued

  • Fun fact: Dan Povenmire, the show's creator, has confirmed that the brothers got their funding in the first episode. When the rollercoaster is almost done, Phineas looks at Ferb and said: "We should've charged more". Dan then stated that they took that money, invested it wisely, and that's how they got their money Here is the source

  • do you know what will be rlly great theory how did phineas and ferb get alot if money buying so much stuff to build

  • who's Candice?

  • Unpopular opinion: I didn't like phineas and ferb candice against the universe movie too much I thought candice was a little more annoying than how she usually is actually all the characters seem to be flanderized to a noticeable degree in this movie

  • I knew it existed cause I follow Dan povemire on TT-

  • What if all the life in the Alien planet is silicon based

  • I loved this movie I knew about it and was counting down the days till it came out all because Dan povimire

  • Who’s Candace?..

  • 2:00

  • Matpat. Its been 3 months. Where's the Next Phineas and Ferb Lore Theory?

  • OK please explain to me this leave or even seen them FEED perry, like,does he ever eat, are they starving him?

  • When you learn about plants at school: this is boring and confusing @-@) When you learn about plants at film theory: Easy and fun way to learn *-*) ( Regretting that you didnt learn the stuff you needed from this videos )

  • 3 months later still no new phineas and ferb theory

  • 6:50 New theory is that planet the same as the Mario Musroom Kingdom?

  • When Disney ban MatPat

  • Candace was technically the Chosen One though, she is the reason the plant went to Earth at all

  • I own the Phineas and Ferb star wars movie. That would be an interesting film to cover.

  • What the heck is going to happen in Amphibia season 3

  • No I'm not candace's age as I'm becoming 12

  • Yes

  • Ima go back to breathing. SNIFF

  • If you spend time watching Disney you would know

  • whos candice

  • Hi I type it 10 years ago

  • Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  • Mat, destroying childhoods since 2015

  • Super super big doctor was probably right, she was just warn about what it translated into in human language

  • Candace Gets Bad Luck Or Bad Karma Evreytime When She Shows The Phineas And Ferb's Contraption, With Her Mom. And Evreytime When Dr. Doof Says At His "Evil" Contraption, He Says The "Inator" At The End Of The Name.

  • make a theory of roblox on game theory please play roblox on gt live then make theorys about it on game theory

  • some plants do take some nitrogen from the atmosphere

  • i have my own theory. Since candace said "other nonsense coming soon" in her first song, this may have been the pilot of the phineas and ferb reboot.

    • I think it just takes place within the middle of the series so she's referring to things that we've already seen in the series but that will happen later in the timeline

  • omg guys mat pats first theory that doesent destroy our childhood lets go

  • Who's Candice

  • Super super big doctor AKA ssbd

  • Hmm first time hearing Matpat saying "roblox"

  • Candice and Mama...?

  • Roblox cluster!

  • Who's candice

  • who's candace (:

  • Why are you assuming the fungi in that planet work the same way as our fungi when the other living beings there also have a different breathing system? 🤔

  • Theory:The brothers dad is Dr.Doof

  • When Doofenshmirtz hears Candice is suffering: *"Don't leave me here, Candice!"*

  • 10:16 but you know who does produce mind controlling spores? Cordyceps Fungus: "Allow us to Introduce ourselves"

  • .................I could start arguing about the breathing poison part buuuuut that's a can of crap I don't want to open.

  • Why are you showing bloody things in every video and try to disturb me? Im gonna unsubscribe and i hope u wont reach 10,000,000 subs

  • Isnt it just easier to get carbon and burn it to get Carbon Dioxide

  • Who’s Candice

  • Dad is back? Oh no...

  • Candace is dumb because she has the phone and she can click a photo of their invention and show it to their mother. The boys will be bused

  • I was born on the day this show came out

  • can there be a theory on who phineas dad is and who ferbs mom is.

  • Who’s candice

  • bro i miss this old school disney ,nick and cn comedy. the stuff now a days is so just bootycheeks

  • I want more of this

  • Where's my Phineas and Ferb theory Mathew, where is it

  • I knew about it.

  • Phineas real dad is an evil scientist sorry I forgot his name

  • Between episodes of wandavision I had to find a reasonable Disney Plus write off...

  • You said some were making a Phineas and Ferb theory

  • Candice

  • Finally found candice.... no more dix jokes

  • Cool

  • This is why you don't use google translate to speak to aliens

  • bUT the fungus in the alien planet is not the same, it's no use! xdxd

  • This was just MatPat going over my science topic I had before Easter

  • Breathing coronavirus is already enough

  • first line “Candace” candace who

  • I would love if you tried to make a theory on the Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension. That would make my day!

  • No, Perry is the unsung hero, he literally has a song about it

  • I love the radio in Kirlian

  • Not to be that guy, but still waiting for that Dr.D lore episode.

  • Dang 13 years old hats a year older than me,

  • That’s exactly why cell respiration is a combustion reaction. Now to learn how to breathe fire like dragons.

  • Did ferb just talk????

  • "Did anyone else know this existed? Yeah me neither" I literally watched all phineas and ferb episodes and milo murphy's law episodes for the movie and have seen the movie like 5 times

  • Did he say Candace🍑🧑🏿‍🦲🖕

  • Can u do more Gravity Falls

  • Perry when he doesn’t wear a fedora: oh a platypus Perry when he has a fedora: PERRY THE PLATYPUS

  • Who’s Candice?

  • 0:09 i suddenly feel old

  • It breaths oxygen exhail oxygen

  • What if the space mushrooms are like the aliens

  • so... how long could a human survive on a planet lacking in nitrogen?

    • Nitrogen is useless in our body. If you look up the chemical composition of inhaled air and exhaled air, you'll notice that the nitrogen levels don't change. But as MatPat said, if there is too much oxygen, human bodies would not be able to handle it.

  • I saw this on tik tok doofensmerts is phineases dad

  • Where’s the hazbin hotel

  • candace isnt the unsung hero, it's perry

  • I'm about this movie I watched it a year ago and I was hoping someone to make at least a video about it so thank you for making my life at 10:46

    • I'm not talking about the video

  • who is Candice?

  • I started on year five when i was well five

  • 0:55 haha i waited forever for the movie to come out since it was announced a while back so.. yeah i knew about it

  • Y- you didn’t... you didn’t play the intro :O

  • Is it just me or did I learn more in this video than in science class???